Too Short – The Ghetto

Artist: Too Short Song: The Ghetto Album: Short Dog’s In The House Lyrics: Talking bout the ghetto…funky funky ghetto Trying to survive, trying to stay alive Chorus: The ghetto The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto) The ghetto The ghetto (Funk funky ghetto) Even though the streets are bumpy, lights burned out Dope fiends die with a pipe in their mouths Old school buddies not doing it right Every day it’s the same And it’s the same every night I wouldn’t shoot you bro but I’d shoot that fool If he played me close and tried to test my cool Every day I wonder just how I’ll die Only thing I know is how to survive There’s only one rule in the real world And that’s to take care of you, only you and yours Keep dealing with the hard times day after day Might deal me some dope but then crime don’t pay Black man tried to break into my house again Thought he got off early doing time in the pen Even though my brothers do me just like that I get a lot of love so I’m giving it back to the… Chorus So just peep the game and don’t call it crap Cause to me, life is one hard rap Even though my sister smoked crack cocaine She was nine months pregnant, ain’t nothing changed 600 million on a footbal team And her baby dies just like a dope fiend The story I tell is so incomplete Five kids in the house and no food to eat Don’t look at me and don’t ask me why Mama’s next door getting high Even though she’s got five mouths to feed She’s rather spend her money on a HIT I always tell the truth

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