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pekassk8@hotmail.com Mi parte del video UNION Aqui mi video patrociname “sponsor me” de JORGE FARAH CERVERA 21 años, patinando desde septiembre del 2000 espero les guste chuequenlo! con su parte del video “UNION”. MERIDA, YUCATAN, MEXICO pekassk8@hotmail.com www.castapropaganda.com.mx http www.facebook.com Voice: Javeir Soberanis When I met pekas he just did boardslide and things like that he doesn’t do crazy stuff yet, he only made flip, backside or basic tricks over gaps in comparison to now, now you see him flying over 13 or 14 stairs of various tricks. All days he gets up just to skate like an idiot he never gets tired, this guy only wants to skate. In some way he motivates you when he skates, you saw him and you say “I want to do it too”, he lands a trick and you say “I want to do it too”.I like to see him getting a sponsor like Zero or some things like that, yeah I like to see him get to it, that he got his sponsor of clothes and everything see him at posters, magazines, videos. The energy when he is in a video or he just in street is always the same energy he doesn’t care if it’s a video or if he’s just playing around, this guy is gonna skate because he want to skate… Songs – Canciones: 1) The killers – read my mind 2) Placebo – I know

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