Hoodie Allen Swimming With Sharks ft. VV Brown (HQ) Plus Lyrics!

Yeah! Yo, you know we had to come from overseas on this one! It’s Hoodie Allen On this beat-beat down Say what up to VV Brown Y’all let’s get loud RJ drop, man Yeah, I gotta shorten up my words cuz I speak fast Girls got me caught up like a re-cap She’s always high scoring, nobody can beat that But talk’s cheap, so consider this my free rap A free app, but nothing is free really There’s a shark in the water, I’m ready to free Willy Why so serious? Better we be silly ‘Less you turn a cold shoulder, I’m ready to be chilly Damn, let’s work it out girl, this is gym class Let me tell you ’bout the game like gymnast Cuz there’s a whole lotta fishes that I swim past But I can’t wait to drive slim fast Thin glass between us I did my best to break I was so convinced that I let the rest to bake I known a lot of girls, always said it best to wait I never been a snoop, dog Don’t investigate When I’m in doubt I open my mouth And words come out Words come out like Words come out like We good, we get it We love, we headed Til we live, to regret it We don’t ever care, we We don’t ever care We met in Vegas, so that explains it, I rolled the dice Saw the writings on the wall like I’m notified We sayin’ no to fights, always acting so polite But now you’re cursin’ me out, okay, that’s poltergeist Okay, it’s no surprise, name change, pronto Just cuz I’m a rapper that don’t mean I’m in Toronto ’96 Honda with a drive like Rondo If I’m racin’ for your heart I’ll never tie like kwon-do Yeah, you
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