EPIC MUSIC MIX – One Hour Full of Epicness!

PLEASE READ………… EDIT ( 11 / 10 / 11 ) : Because I got many messages and comments asking when a song is played in the video (of course during the clips where i DIDNT put the name in it), I’ll answer it finally in chronological order! 1) Nostradamus by the company Atmosphere Music 2) Streets of Bombay by the company Amphibious Zoo music 4) song played during the PotCIV Trailer is ‘Hans enz fallen’ by Beyond music 5) epic football/rugby/whatever match has the song ‘Unstoppable’ by ES POSTHUMUS (YES IM SCREAMING NOW!!!!) 6) umm…next clip has something by xray dog music I forgot the name (actually im to lazy to check it..but if someone is really intersted in…ask me. or someother guys. ) thats all? if i forgot one, just keep messaging me or writing comments. thanks again for almost 100000 views, its unbelievable because…to be honest…that mix is crap. I dont like it much. i worked for it only 4 days, upload time was almost 13 hours + 2 hours rendering in HD (which isnt really HD but who cares?) but thanks that many many peeople loves, like or adore or aime or amore that mix..thanks it means alot for me. I am done wiht this account, means I am not going on with myrickMovies. its done. but I never will delete this mix,,,well,,,or youtube put it down due copyright issues or whatever I dont care really.. bye. and thanks that you accept by crappy English, but I am a lame German guy ( still student, looots of work to do, no free time argghghgh) yes, thank you. and may

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