More Creeps And Weirdos v2.10 Exclusive First Look Tweaks, Fixes, and Additions ======================== ADDED: Battle Castles that reward the player for collecting five gems and defeating the King ADDED: Five Battle Castle gems that allow player a fire attack, flying ability, magical mining, crop generation and healing ADDED: Gem Sword – ultimate reward for defeating Battle Castles: Amazing sword that can kill and mine rock instantly! ADDED: Castle Guards that defend the castle and protect the King ADDED: Castle critters that scamper around Battle Castles looking for trouble ADDED: King of the Battle Castles. Defeating him while carrying 5 Castle Gems will grant the player a GemSword ADDED: GemSword which can both mine blocks and vanquish enemies with supreme power and prejudice ADDED: Tombstones to mark the demise of a cherished pet. Re-animate them with a Life Gem without any side-effects or messy drool. ADDED: Shrink Ray that can reduce creeps to nothing. Be careful when using on your pets. ADDED: Giant Baby who crawls around looking for something to eat ADDED: Zebras who wander around looking pretty fancy ADDED: Lolliman who is searching for his kid. Once reunited, they fly away, excreting a trail of treats for the player ADDED: Kid who is lost and asks the player to help him find his Lolliman. You can carry the kid on your shoulders in your quest ADDED: Lollys which heal the player when eaten ADDED: Sneaky Sal the vendor who provides rare goods. You can try to ripoff Sal, but you may get
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