SKYRIM – Daedric Artifacts Locations – Oblivion Walker Trophy/Achievement Guide

0:00 Mace of Molag Bal – (House of Horrors) In the city, while you walk past by some old haunted house, you will be asked to go with someone. If you complete this task and find the priest of Boethiah, you will have the artifact. 1:18 Sanguine’s Rose – (Night to Remember) There is a dude called Sam Guevenne in an Inn (Vilemyr) found in Ivarstead. He will offer you a drinking challenge. Accept it and complete the rest of the quest to earn the reward. 2:38 Dawnbreaker – (The Break of Dawn) You will receive this quest near the statue to Merida, west to the Solitude. It’s not much of a tricky job and you will manage it easily. Complete the task to earn another Artifact. 3:49 Azura’s Star – (The Black Star) You need to head to Azura’s Shrine on the top of the mountain to start this quest. You will have the artifact on completion of the quest. 5:39 Wabbajack – (The Mind of Madness) In Solitude, you will find guy named Derevin wandering around the streets. He will ask you a favor to deliver the message to his master. You will have to find his master and complete the quest. 6:44 Mehrunes’ Razor – (Pieces of the Past) You should visit the museoum in Dawnstar (the message pops up multiple times), accept the quest and then collect the three pieces of sword throughout Skyrim. Collect them all and you will have the artifact. 8:11 Savior’s Hide – (ll Met by Moonlight) In Falkreath, near the barracks, you will find a kid downstairs in the Falkreath jail. He will hand you over his cursed
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