Kpop Music Mondays – T-ara “Yayaya”

This week we review T-ara’s “Yayaya” For more, go to **Oops! Just realized that we included last week’s people list, not this week’s! Here they are: Nari Lee Christine Ivan Cyrus Hilary Mirah Naomi Kimi Katherine Nora =) pokee Kasia Moretsy Ika L. Annabelle David Liu Aichan Julie Jenny Eunjung Alyson Lee Allie Tony C. Mai Yer Xiong June Niki Tabitha Angelika (angi-chan) Alvin Katie Gwen Emily –The Showdown– T-ara – Yayaya = 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands = –Last Week’s Showdown– T-ara – Why Are You Being Like This = 2PM – Again and Again = –The Gear– Shot on a Canon 550d and Tokina 11-16mm lens. Edited in Final Cut Pro and Motion. Music made in Garageband –Translated by– [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~*:

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