Tahaan – A Children Film

A cute children movie showing the innocence of a child. The film will be enjoyed by both children and adults. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com Tahaan- A boy with a grenade” is a fable-like journey of the eponymous eight-year-old boy, whose life revolves around the pursuit to find real purpose in his little world. Tahaan (Purav Bhandare) lives with his grandfather (Victor Banerjee), his mother Haba (Sarika) and older sister Zoya ( Sana Shaikh,) in the serene meadows of Kashmir . They all live in the hope that someday Tahaan’s father, who’s been missing for over three years, will return. The death of his grandfather leads the local moneylender Lalaji and his manager Kuka (Rahul Khanna) to take away the assets of the family, including their pet donkey Birbal, against repayment of a pending loan. Now, life for Tahaan, his mother and sister takes a turn towards rougher pastures. For Tahaan, bringing his favourite donkey Birbal back home becomes the sole purpose in life. After various efforts at money-making, Tahaan approaches Lalaji with the prospect of regaining his lost asset but is devastated to learn that an old man Subhan Darr (Anupam Kher) has bought Birbal and taken him across the mountains… the same mountains from where Tahaan’s father never returned. But Tahaan sums up courage and chases after Subhan. The prophetic old man doesn’t befriend Tahaan at first sight but slowly warms up to this energetic and determined soul whose love for Birbal is paramount. But
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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