Silly Wizard Live – Land O’ The Leal

Song lyrics are included at the end of this description. This song was written by Lady Carolina Nairne of Perthshire, Scotland (1766-1845.) The video was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia on April 1, 1988. This song has always been one of my favorites, but this performance is even more touching to me now that Johnny has passed away. I hope that he has found his own land o’ the leal. This song can also be found on Andy M. Stewart’s CD “Man in the Moon.” Silly Wizard members in this clip: Andy M. Stewart: lead vocals, tenor banjo, whistle Phil Cunningham: accordion, piano, synthesizers, whistle, cittern, vocals John Cunningham: fiddle, vocals Gordon Jones: guitar, bodhran, vocals Martin Hadden: bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, vocals I’m wearin’ awa, Jean, Like snaw-wreaths in thaw, Jean I’m wearin’ awa’ tae the Land o’ the Leal There’s nae sorrow there, Jean, There’s neither cauld nor care, Jean The day is aye fair in the Land o’ the Leal Ye aye were leal and true, Jean Your task is ended noo, Jean And I’ll welcome you tae the Land o’ the Leal Our bonnie bairn’s there, Jean She was baith guid and fair, Jean And oh, we grudged her sair, tae the Land o’ the Leal So dry that tearful ee, Jean, My soul longs tae be free, Jean And angels wait on me in the Land o’ the Leal So fare-thee-weel my ain Jean, This world’s care is vain, Jean We’ll meet and aye be fain, in the Land o’ the Leal

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