Siberian Husky Puppy- Selene

This is a video I made of my “baby” growing up. LOL. Enjoy! :) Edit: To future impulsive husky owners who just wants this breed for looks yet knows nothing about them ( Please disregard this if you aren’t :p ) If you are planning to get a husky, I highly recommend on researching about the breed beforehand. Many people (some I’ve known personally) impulsively get huskies solely for their looks only to find out they are difficult to care for and train. They are HIGHLY energetic dogs that are bred to run so they will RUN and PULL without proper training. Therefore, they need a lot of exercise. (Having a large backyard doesn’t count!) They are highly intelligent and have a mind of their own so training may be a struggle of power but it’s soooo worthwhile. :) Although they are wonderful dogs (very sweet, playful natured), they require a lot of patience and training. If you are planning to leave your huskies outside, make sure there is a shady place, unless you live in a cool place. You can find many reliable answers in books and websites about care and training. Please research!!! Note: Pictures look better in high quality!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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