Scrubs – My Last Day

It’s JD’s last day as an intern.
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Scrubs – Her Story II

JD is annoyed that Julie doesn’t laugh.

Scrubs – My Old Man

An assortment of moms and dads descend on their offspring in the workplace.

Scrubs – My Growing Pains

Dr. Kelso celebrates his birthday.

Scrubs – My Mentor

Sardonic Dr. Cox gets to JD, who’s in desperate need of acceptance.

Scrubs – My Cold Shower

JD tries to get together with Elliot’s sorority sister Melody.
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Scrubs – Our Couples

Lucy finds couples throughout the hospital.
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Scrubs – My Five Stages

JD and Dr. Cox go through the five stages of grief.

Scrubs – My Fruit Cups

JD and Turk take advantage of the hospital’s supply closet for sleep.

Scrubs – His Story IV

The hospital is seen through the eyes of Dr. Kelso.
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