65 Stephen Quire Quotes in 4 Minutes (Wafflepwn Montage)

65 Steven Quire Quotes in 4 Minutes (Wafflepwn Montage) 0:00 Why do I want a suntan, who am I trying to impress with this? 0:03 You’re not funny! I don’t find you amusing! 0:08 She’s unfair, you don’t know, go away. 0:10 I’m gonna run away! I’m gonna run away and never come back! 0:14 No one’s talking to you, Jack! Why do you always have to throw your two-sense in? 0:19 My god, you have no freaking life! 0:23 Normal people don’t normally plant cameras in your room. 0:25 Do something stupid and I’ll knock your teeth out, that’s all I’m saying. 0:29 I DON’T CARE! 0:31 SHUT UP! 0:33 FAG. 0:34 No. I have my own and I don’t need somebody elses. 0:38 I want my freaking turkey breast with freaking gravy and it’s still frozen! Mom! 0:45 You’re freaking retarded! 0:49 Oh my god, anything but the paddle. That hurts so bad, you’re so strong. 0:53 I swear to god I am 3000 tokens away from the Chaotic Crossbow. 0:57 ANSWER ME! 0:59 He keeps betraying me! Yell at him! 1:06 I don’t care what you think, I told you a freaking million times, I don’t care. I’m better than you. 1:12 Jack: Put the chair down! Steven: NO! 1:14 Merry Christmas, faggot. 1:17 Well, I guess there’s no big deal on the computer, so there’s no need having a computer chair! 1:20 That’s dirty! You’re dirty! 1:25 No, he said, “Do you want some water?” TOUCH. 1:28 STOP TOUCHING ME! 1:31 It’s a freaking piece of crap that doesn’t cook! 1:35 I WILL KILL YOU AND EAT YOUR FIRST BORN CHILD! 1:41 I’m not a freaking fish! I don

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