Lost – Walkabout

A shocking secret about Locke is revealed.
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Lost Footage

Host Andy Cohen opens up the Bravo vault to show never before seen footage, from Adriana’s dramatic acting gig to Lea’s unconventional relationship with her housekeeper, Freida, and much more.
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Lost – White Rabbit

A pregnant Claire’s health takes a bad turn from lack of fluids.

Lost – Collision

Ana Lucia and her group stumble upon Sayid and the other castaways.
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Lost – Tabula Rasa

Kate flashes back to when she was arrested by the marshal in Australia.
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Lost – Three Minutes

Michael convinces Jack and several other castaways to help him rescue Walt.
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Lost – Recon

Locke assigns Sawyer a mission.
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Lost – Because You Left

The remaining survivors feel the effects caused by the island being moved.

Lost – Left Behind

“The Others” leave Juliet behind, handcuffed to Kate in the jungle.

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