Weezer – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Lyrics)

*LYRICS* You try to play cool Like you just don’t care But soon I’ll be playin’ in your Underwear I’m like the mage With the magic spell You come like a dog When I ring yo’ bell I got the money And I got the fame You got the hots To ride on my plane You givin’ me all That I desire ‘Cos down with me I’m taking you higher I’m the baddest of the bad I’m the best that you’ve ever had I’m the tops, I’m the king All the girls get up when I sing, yeah I’m the meanest in the place Step up, I’ll mess with your face I don’t care where you are Look up and follow the star. I, I’m gonna tear down the wall I may not be here when you call So best be givin’ me your all. After the havoc that I’m gonna wreak No more words will critics have to speak I’ve got to answers to the tangled knot Sleep tight in your cot. Oh baby, I’ve been told I’m goin’ crazy. Oh baby, I can’t be held down. Oh baby, Somehow I’m keeping it steady. Oh baby, I’m tearing up this town. Hey, this is what I like Cut my heart with a modern spike. Hey, this is nothing new I’ve got more than enough for you. I can take on anybody I can do my thing I don’t wanna hurt nobody But a bee has gotta string I’ma fix it if you mix it up (Hoo, hoo) Talk smack, and I’ma gonna shut you up. (Hoo, hoo) [The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Lyrics on www.elyricsworld.com ] I am the greatest man that ever lived I was born to give. (I was born to give.) I am the greatest man that ever lived, oh Radio a Dio Somebody said all the worlds is stage

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