Scrubs – My Long Goodbye

Laverne is brain-dead, and her family decides to take her off life support.

2NE1 Say Goodbye Clean Studio Version (HQ)

2NE1 – Say Goodbye (Clean Version) HQ Here it is people for those who love the music …. A good cover for the group … :) Mixed by Ch@Dog Please comment/rate the video … :) Download Link :
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My Life (Sims 2) Episode 7.3 “Time To Say Goodbye”

Wow, even on Christmas Break it took forever to get this out oo Well I’ve been really busy and school starts again for me on Tuesday. 😐 I find this episode quite cheesy, but I guess I’m just never happy with my work. I always imagine it different than how it turns out. Oh well, I hope you still like it. :] Roxy, Connor, and Maddie all go to visit the house that Roxy, Connor, and their friends all escaped to from the orphanage. The houses aren’t there anymore, perhaps teared down, but the pool, trees, and fences are still in place. Shrubs, weeds, and grass are now roaming the abandoned lot. Connor sees the weeping willow tree that many things took place under; his break-up with Roxy, their getting-back-together, etc. He places his hand on the rough bark, and smiles. Roxy comes over, too and sighs. Maddie is looking at the pool in deep thought, and then asks Roxy if that was where Luke drowned. With a frown, she says it is. Roxy misses this place, and points out the only reason they ever moved was because of all the drama and danger; Dereck, Chad, and other devastating things, but then Maddie reminds her that it’s not any better now. Roxy agrees, and realizes that all of Riverblossom Hills is jacked up. They all laugh. A while later, while Roxy and Connor are cuddling in the grass, remembering their old times, Maddie skips around, exploring the place, when suddenly she trips on something and falls. She looks up to see a tombstone. When she backs up in confusion and fear
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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