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From the Yard of Bobby Herald

“A Dog Breeding Superstar!”

The next short while that you’re going to spend reading this can change your Dog Breeding Profession. Asking yourself what I am talking about? Most certainly, it’s not every day that you stumbled upon a sensational, skilled, dog breeder of First Class Dogs, that has committed over 20 years of his life towards the dogs!

“At long last! I Have Developed The Dog Breeders Bible,The Only Product That Will Trasform You Into A High quality Breeder Of First Class Dogs!!

After two decades of breeding over 30 different breeds of dogs, I have come up with the greatest guide for every breeder….any breed of dog. If you’re tired of spitting out hundreds of dollars per month on dog supplies, medications, dog food..etc..etc.. , this is simply the thing you must have!

Did you know that the medicine that your vet prescribes for one’s dog may be easily obtained by you through other lawful sources at a fraction of the price?

I will provide you with all my hidden secret sources that will help you save 1000’s a year…..

How much will you spend on heartwormer, antibiotics, vaccinations, etc.. etc.. each month? A lot, trust me I know.

Suppose I told you that your vet marks up your dogs anibiotics by 200%? Well it’s true! The vet will rob you blind! Literally.

With my Dog Breeder’s Bible, you will not only learn ways to avoid all those unnessecary vet costs but I will show you just where to buy your entire pet products at a fraction of the price.


Are you presently aware of Cephalexin, Ampicillin,Moxicillin, or Rimodyl? Well, these are simply a few of the antibiotics available for practically pennies in comparison to what the veterinarian charges you.

The vets know my tiny secret but they would die in the event you found out!

Veterenarians are earning a killing on their own customers. Don’t let them make a killing with you. After you read my simple easy-to-understand guide, your vet will probably be luky to see you once a year.


Not simply will I explain to you how you can find all this low-cost medicine but I will also tell you exactly how, why, and when you should utilize it. Under my guidance and dog health care suggestions, your dog will NEVER get sick.

Over long and countless years of making breedings and studying the traits of several breeds of dogs, I have come up with a breeding system that will capure the traits and genes that you are searching for!

Whether you are a fresh starter or feel that you’re an experienced breeder, my guide offers you new information that can turn your dogs into first class animals which other dog breeders and pet owners will be desperate to get their hands on.

In my comprehensive Dog Breeder’s Bible you will learn ways to get the best from your dog, but not just that. I will explain to you step- by-step tips to get the most from your breed.

Just imagine being able to breed up “world class” dogs of prime performance or show excellence, in every litter. I am supplying you with a blue print of my precise breeding programs that will work on any breed.

For those of you which are just starting out,

I’ll educate you precisely how to read a pedigree and what to look for when choosing or breeding a dog.

I have come up with a fool-proof breeding method that will put your kennel on the map!! Imagine being the most famous and world known breeder for your breed. I am not here to show you how to breed a dog, I’m here to build you a solid foundation.

I’m going to take you step-by-step and tell you just how to produce your own bloodline from scratch! YOU will learn how to produce a winner! It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to breed Greyhounds for racing or whether you want to breed beagles for hunting.

Don’t end up being counted out wishing you had utilized my book to condition your dog for that big confirmation show coming up! Use the program in my book to put your dog in the best of shape when it comes to competing!

After years of training dogs for several competitions including hunting, weight pulling, confirmation..etc… you name it….


I know of finally developed the methods which will have your dog in the best shape of his life. Why should your dog keep missing out on the award simply because You’re not up-to-date on a conditioning approach that really works?

Give your dog greater than a fair shake to bring in the bacon, provide him what he deserves. This will not only benefit your dog but it will benefit you and your pockets.

Have you ever considered what can happen to the value of your pups if they’re sired by a champion? You guessed it, YOUR prices are going to be through the roof and greatest of all your puppies will be in high demand.


Yet another excellent reason for yourself to act now and reserve your copy of my unique book.

I can’t begin a dog breeding venture; I have no experience at all and imagine if I just lose all my money?
Indeed, You Can Run an Honest and Very Lucrative Dog Breeding Business! You Aren’t Simply Gaining Knowledge From Any Dog Breeder. I’m the very best!!!

My own dogs have always brought the big award home, I’ve been dealing with these dogs for over twenty years and I really like every minute of it. Breeding dogs is not just my job,it is indeed my passion. A dog breeding vocation is perfect for anybody who:
Loves dogs
Wants to operate a very profitable home-based business
Wants to generate extra cash on the side
Enjoys out door recreation
Wishes to play a role by bettering a breed
Create their own bloodline and go down in dog breed history
Would like to work for their self
Enjoys working with animals

A professional breeder like myself, hates to see new dog breeders getting their selves in too deep simply because someone sold them a dream.

These newbie breeders come in believing that they will make six figures their first year. I see numerous dog gurus pushing this idea on newbie dog breeders on a regular basis, and I just say that the only way to do something like this is to set up a puppy mill.

Shame on YOU if your conscience will allow you to do such a thing. In my book you’ll learn various ways on earning money from the reputation of YOUR dogs.

I am providing you with the same secrets that have put my kennel on the map…

so you don’t even need to deal with being tempted to make the incorrect and unethical choices simply to earn money.Why put your dog breeding business in danger of damaging publicity such as a reputation of a puppy mill? Please, don’t allow the money dominate you. You need to realise there are certain lines which you as a dog breeder should never cross.

So why exactly do newbie dog breeders turn to immoral methods of earning money? How does it start?

Here’s a likely scenario: a dog owner notices pure-bred puppies selling for $500-$600 in the local classified ads. This future back yard dog breeder thinks,


“It can not be too difficult to breed some dogs. Throw some dogs in the backyard and, let nature take its course. I can buy one male and a bunch of females. If I get just 5 pups out of one litter, I can get a good $2,500.”

Because with no skilled and genuine direction, before they even realize it they wind up wasting all their money by committing to a losing business enterprise just because these people had no idea as to what they got themselves into. I call these newbie dog breeders, “back yard breeders”, they’re famous for giving a reputable and honest dog breeder such as myself a poor reputation.

Backyard breeders tend to indiscriminately breed dogs, without any consideration towards the quality of pups that their dogs are capable of producing.

I have also noticed plenty of new kennels get put out of business simply because they leap into becoming a breeder with virtually no breeding knowledge as well as a basic gameplan.


You now should be aware there are numerous failures that couldn’t hang as a dog breeder and were flat-out rejected out of the dog breeding business. I don’t intend to discourage you away from being a dog breeder but I do want you to be aware of what it takes to be a dog breeder. According to statistics only 15% of dog breeding businesses make it big.

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