Companion Dogs – Finding Your New Best Friend

Countless dog lovers will argue that most any dog is a good companion. Certainly dogs by their pleasant nature are great companion dogs. In the strict sense though and for differentiation, dogs that don’t work and usually do not particularly excel at any task other than companionship is really a companion dog. When the decision for adopting a dog is to have a companion, the options will be limited normally to smaller dog breeds which are likely to serve no particular task other than as a pet and as a comforter.

This lifestyle of having small dogs for decoration goes back thousands of years to Chinese nobility where the Pug and the Pekingese where favorites. In Europe, lap dogs also are popular with royalties and the wealthy throughout history and are still used as presents today. In fact because of their generally small breed, companion dogs loves to sit on their owner’s lap that earned them the term of lap dogs aside from their comforting warmth.

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