Lost Footage

Host Andy Cohen opens up the Bravo vault to show never before seen footage, from Adriana’s dramatic acting gig to Lea’s unconventional relationship with her housekeeper, Freida, and much more.
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Lucky Gets Adopted

When a lonesome little girl manages to adopt Lucky… he’ll consider trying everything to get back to Shelter 17… including revealing their secret mission!
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Hostage Johnny

Johnny becomes a teacher’s assistant to impress Paula but is taken hostage.
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Ugly Betty – East Side Story

Betty’s romance with Henry heats up.
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Victoria starts planning a scheme that includes Emily.
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Mon Amour

Severide is hiding a serious shoulder injury sustained in the fire that killed Andy Darden, and grapples with his guilt as he fights to rescue a construction worker trapped in a building collapse. Adding to the burden, Darden’s wife Heather turns on Severide at the annual firefighters’ barbecue, blaming him for her husband’s death. A call is made to an accident site at Hancock Tower, where two teenagers are pinned in a vehicle trapped beneath the falling debris of a broken window washer’s cart. Meanwhile, Casey and Hallie work to figure out their future together.
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Adios, Mr. Still

Gunfire erupts in the bamboo patch just as Josh & Bill fire up their still for the first time this season. Meanwhile, Jeff, Mark & Jim Tom run a batch of President George Washington’s rye whiskey. Then, Tickle hits the skids when his still is sabotaged.
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The Bellboy

Lewis stars as Stanley, a non-speaking, bumbling bellhop at the ritzy Fontainebleau Hotel in Florida’s Miami Beach. Guests may come and guests may go, but Stanley is on duty day after day at the posh resort, encountering (and creating) all sorts of catastrophes.
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Sterile Angus

Grandma wants a new stole, so she kidnaps Angus to breed him for more fur.

Please Bring A Man

GG meets Omid for drinks and discovers he has been going out with her friends and she was deliberately not invited. After talking with his mother, Reza’s heart softens towards MJ and he decides to mend fences. MJ decides to throw herself a deluxe birthday party with unusual party favors and is faced with choosing between inviting GG and inviting the rest of the crew.
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